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Artificial turf appears the main reason for color


  Artificial turf production process, including the selection of raw materials, drawing, weaving, plastic and other four major processes in the whole process there are many factors affecting the four processes, how to control the quality of artificial turf. Which is the common quality of artificial turf quality problems, color also has a variety of performance. The main reason for poor color is the raw material of straw silk or artificial turf production line equipment is not up to standard, or in the production process is not up to standard.

  1. Artificial turf quality of raw materials, masterbatch does not meet the color. The first part of the production of silk silk is the choice of raw materials.

  2.Straight silk, multicolor color difference. The index yarns between the yarns themselves have different colors, usually due to the problems during the drawing process of the grass, spinneret, tension, traction rollers and other aspects of the installation may cause problems.

  3. Grass tip bending visual color. The yarn bending is usually due to the fact that the shrinkage is not consistent. By adjusting the drafting furnace temperature, set the furnace temperature and annealing rate can achieve the purpose of straw shrinkage.

  4. uneven yarn color difference. The uneven curvature of the grass silk will cause the artificial turf surface uneven, uneven, resulting in visual distortion. The curvature of the filament must be uniform and uniform. This requires a reasonable drawing process and formula, winding machine temperature and pressure are stable.

  5. Artificial lawn caused by improper twist color, the grass silk twist twist a circle for a twist back, in the unit length of its twist back to the number of twist, mainly refers to the twist is the grass silk twisted, the grass silk fiber Can show the tilt direction.

  6. Blanket is folded, the blanket surface wrinkles, resulting in poor color. Folds are generally due to the drying of the bottom of the cloth, the humidity can not reach the standard, carpet blanket caused by folding while blanket crease, in addition, wrapped in improper squeeze the grass wire will cause the carpet wrinkle.

  7. Different batches of artificial turf raw material production products, pavement at the same location may produce color. Different batches of raw materials are often not exactly the same, usually different in varying degrees, which will lead to differences in the color of the grass silk.