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Artificial turf floor laying requirements


  Artificial turf on the cement concrete foundation requirements are particularly high, the specific requirements are as follows:

  1. The basic surface roughness requirements are higher, to ensure that the artificial grass layer thickness consistent, elastic uniform. Flatness pass rate of 95% or more,

  Mm ruler error 3MM, slope: horizontal 8 ‰, vertical 5 ‰, semi-circular area 5 ‰, the surface should be flat, smooth, to ensure drainage.

  2. The foundation should have a certain strength and stability.

  3. The surface is uniform and solid, no cracks, no rotten side Ma face, seam straight and smooth, to 6000mm × 6000mm cut just as well.

  4. Cushion compaction, density greater than 95%, in the medium-sized rolling press after pressure, no significant track, no loose soil, waves and so on.

  5. Cement foundation must have a water barrier, the use of new PVC thickened water barrier film, the junction should be greater than 300mm, edge margin greater than 150mm.

  6. To consider the extension of the expansion joints, the width of 5 mm.

  7. The basic maintenance period is 2-3 weeks.