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Artificial turf in the football field on several forms of aging


  Soccer field Artificial turf aging and the use of a series of links have a direct relationship to maintain a good state of each link in order to maintain the normal use of artificial turf. Such as the use of artificial turf foundation, the strength of the base fabric contained in the artificial turf itself and the firmness of the silk fibers, the elasticity of the turf, and the elastic retention of the filled rubber particles.

  Basic deformation

  Artificial turf based on the cement concrete or gravel asphalt pouring, if the construction and construction practices, raw material quality clearance, and not illegal use, such as too heavy machines into the venue, then the artificial turf foundation strength and stability makes it Life is much greater than the artificial turf itself, in general, about 10 years of normal use.

  The base fabric is damaged

  Artificial turf base fabric is in direct contact with the base part of the base, and more by the non-woven fabrics, mesh cloth, by the climate and weather effects, such as overheating and subcooling temperature, or soaked by rain and snow, etc. Must require the durability and anti-aging of the base fabric. If the thickness of the base fabric is insufficient or the quality is not good, it will degrade prematurely and shorten the life of the artificial turf.

  Grass silk fibrosis or seams cracked

  The core of the artificial turf is the most vulnerable part of the wear. Poor artificial turf grass silk in the natural environment will appear powder situation, was inhaled after the human body will cause harm. Qualified artificial turf grass silk will be used in the long-term use of aging, such as grass silk becomes loose or broken.

  In addition, if the pavement lawn improper bonding, joint cloth lawn part of the convergence will be early crack. Under normal circumstances enough to regulate the pavement, the basic can maintain the same life with the lawn.

  Rubber particles aging

  Soccer field Artificial turf is usually filled with quartz sand and rubber particles, in which rubber particles with the use of time and aging occurs, loss of elasticity, hardening, sinking, accumulated in the bottom of the grass, so that the serious performance of the football field Damaged. In this case if the lawn itself is not aging, then replace the filling particles on it.

  The life of the artificial turf and its quality are related to the proper use of the site, but for whatever reason, since the phenomenon of artificial turf aging, then the stadium has been no longer have to continue to use, should be timely repair and transformation, Of the lawn.