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Artificial turf renovation notes


1. Artificial turf site innovation on the need to remove the old artificial turf, replace the new artificial turf. During which is the removal of artificial turf, which is the key to a ring. Removal of artificial lawn in the process of the first thing to note is not to destroy the original artificial lawn foundation, artificial turf base is usually cement, asphalt, or other ash bed, the process of artificial lawn through the adhesive is bound to the ground Seams and non-woven fabrics above, the removal of artificial lawn process, the use of things to the artificial lawn and contact layer eradication, do not destroy the artificial turf foundation potholes.

2. The transfer and finishing of the old artificial turf, quartz sand, rubber particles, now the waste of these information are not available, after many years of use, these old information has long been lost its inherent function, inside the doping With many dusts and other waste dirty things, has no security features.

3. Other removed from the waste of these materials are tons of units, so in the bidding process to be fully considered, many rookies to see the place, see the place of artificial turf has been close to the bald, that demand transfer clean The waste will be less, practice is not the case. Since the number of quartz sand is the same as the amount of quartz sand in the construction of a new artificial turf place, the amount of quartz sand is about 200 tons, Huge waste finishing operations, it is necessary to take account of the time to take full account of the meantime.

4. Before paving the new artificial turf, be sure to first clean up the clean places, conditional water scouring it again, sorting clean places above the floating dust, and then further start paving artificial turf better.