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How long is the artificial turf life?


Natural grass of the early investment than the artificial grass of the large, it needs from the pine, transplanting turf, fertilization, water, conservation, the need for a lot of manpower and material resources, if there is a large climate difference or water problem, it needs to be involved To do the establishment of constant temperature engineering and water diversion project; and artificial grass do not have to consider these issues, only the pave the way, there are fixed drains, on the line; investment is small, for a one-time, the need for human and material resources less.

Artificial turf is a suitable for indoor and outdoor use, both the ground decoration and practical laying in one of the laying of the material. The use of plastic raw materials production, non-toxic and tasteless, recyclable. Excellent quality artificial turf with anti-aging, anti- Anti-friction function. Usually, artificial turf laying after the need for conservation using 6-8 months to achieve the best condition. This type of lawn is particularly suitable for laying outdoors, and its warranty period is usually 10-15 years. In the long dry weather, as long as the water sprinkled on the lawn, you can reduce the risk of athletes being bruised.

Artificial turf aging performance in the grass is easy to fall off, the bottom of the end of the gum is not solid off debris, grass silk upright and poor color is not bright, safe and environmentally friendly and durable.

Artificial turf can not only anti-skid, dust, easy to clean, and like the real grass, there is the feeling of green, and now began to become ordinary furniture decoration supplies, and get ordinary people's favorite, therefore, artificial turf market prospects are widely optimistic, this But also the domestic artificial turf manufacturers continue to emerge, the rapid development of the industry where the reason.