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How should the artificial turf be paved


  Inspection and acceptance of basic projects; clear the basis of debris, if there is injustice, should be promptly repaired, leveling. Construction site should be clean to ensure that the environment clean and construction quality.

  The laying of artificial turf is very easy; simply say, is paved, the size of the cut, the edge of a stick can be. In the flat laid, the back of the lawn does not require the overall bonding, the brand lawn itself has a good flat and maintain the overall strength, as long as the two lawn joints with the manufacturers to provide the back of the closure of the sticky The

  In the periphery of the entire site, if the lawn of the top wall, you do not need to glue, such as lawn and open space connected to the edge of the lawn should be directly on the edge of the glue with the ground directly to prevent the regular kick up, tripping people.

  Stairs, walls and flower beds and other complex local laying need to give the back of the lawn all brush, full sticky. Tools only need to brush, paper knife, water scoop can be. Glue directly used to decorate the vats with plastic can be, building materials grocery stores are generally sold.