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How to choose the artificial turf material for sports ground


  Artificial turf production materials and options are generally two: polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

  PP material of artificial turf solid, small buffer force, generally applicable to less impact of sports such as tennis and so on. The PE material of the artificial turf soft texture, good cushioning performance, the athlete's injury is small, suitable for large impact sports such as football, football and so on. Can also be two kinds of materials mixed artificial turf, so you can combine the advantages of both to meet the needs of special games. For some high-intensity sports competitions, in order to improve the quality of the game and minimize the damage to the athletes.

  In the choice of artificial turf, the general choice of a relatively high height of the fiber material, usually 25 ~ 50mm, and to choose PE artificial turf or PE / PP mixed artificial lawn. Construction of artificial turf sports ground, in the choice of artificial turf height, the general consideration of the overall budget of the stadium, a relatively high height of the artificial turf, the construction and maintenance costs are relatively high in many schools in Europe often choose a height of 19mm height Lawn, 25 ~ 32mm height of the artificial turf can provide a high-quality sports field, and some professional sports ground artificial turf height is usually selected in the 50 ~ 55mm, this height is usually considered the ideal artificial turf ceiling. Some of the rugby stadiums in the United States have a higher height of artificial lawns, about 70mm, but in general, such tall artificial turf is not common.