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How to clean artificial turf


Now many places are using artificial turf. Such as landscape, kindergarten, football field, garden and many other places are used artificial turf. So how should the maintenance of the artificial turf be done later?

In the dressing, in the artificial turf pavement after six to eight weeks, every week must be cleaned artificial turf, the inside of the gravel sweep evenly, to ensure that the grass stems upright gravel evenly, the main purpose is to maintain the gravel height 18 to 20 mm level.

There is also need to pay attention to, if you encounter snow days can not immediately stampede, you must sweep the surface of the lawn before they can be used.

When the artificial grass after a period of time should be rinsed with water, let it maintain the primary colors, so that the appropriate settlement of quartz sand, stable protection of the lawn. Artificial turf cleaning time is generally between 3 to 6 months.