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How to distinguish the pros and cons of artificial turf


  National production of artificial turf before export to meet the national industrial standards, and meet environmental requirements. According to Golden Moon artificial turf company's production experience to the following aspects to identify the advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf:

  1. The appearance of color is natural, grass silk softness is good, the appearance of how the feeling.

  2. Specification the length of the grass wire. Soccer field in principle, the longer the better (outside the leisure field), the longest grass is 60mm, mainly for professional football field, the most common for the football field of grass silk length of about 30-50mm or so.

  3. The density of grass silk from two angles to evaluate: First, from the back of the lawn to see the number of straw needle, the more the better the number of needle per straw grass; second, from the back of the lawn, Line spacing, the closer the line spacing the better.

  4. Silk fiber fiber lawn of the finished product is made of fiber, the main component of fiber is polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene and so on. The first two are more soft than the latter, the price is higher. However, if too soft, grass silk is difficult to stand up (here refers to the movement of grass), the ball's rebound ability is low. Fibers have two evaluation indicators: grass fineness and fiber diameter. Common movement of grass silk are 5700,7600,8800 and 10000, that is to say grass grass grass fineness of the higher quality the better, the number of grass roots per straw more grass silk more fine, the better the quality. The diameter of the fiber is calculated in terms of μm, typically between 50 and 150 μm. The greater the diameter of the fiber the better the diameter of the big feeling is thick grass silk, wear resistance, the diameter of the fiber as small as a thin plastic sheet, not wearable. Fiber yarn indicators are generally difficult to measure, so FIFA generally use fiber weight indicators.

  5. The quality of the fiber with the unit length of the greater the quality of the better. The weight of the silk fibers is expressed in terms of fineness, defined as Dtex, and 1 gram is defined as 1Dtex per 10,000 m of fiber mass. The greater the weight of the straw silk fiber, the thicker the grass silk, the greater the weight of the silk fiber, the stronger the resistance to wear, the greater the weight of the silk fiber, the longer the service life. However, due to the greater the weight of the grass silk fiber, the higher the cost, according to the age of the athletes, the use of frequency selection of suitable grass pounds, large sports venues recommended the use of more than 11000Dtex heavier grass silk weaving lawn.

  6. other aspects of artificial turf is used to or to beautify the living environment, so the most important foot feel and color quality is the first element to consider, if it is sports turf to consider the athletes in the above run feeling, - whether the track on which the ball is running is in line with the requirements of the competition.