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How to lay an artificial turf football field


  Laying steps and methods:

  1. Check the entire need to lay the lawn site, the basis of the degree of density and smoothness to meet the requirements, can be reached after the spread of artificial turf. In order to make the lawn of the natural stretch, it is recommended to put the artificial lawn under the sun the best day off.

  2. Before paving the artificial turf, start measuring the pitch on the whole site, measure the position of the course line and mark it, mark it with different colors of ink, and determine the laying direction and position of the artificial turf.

  3. Start laying artificial turf: in the lawn joint surface pavement on the special splicing band, and with a nail fixed on it, the nail head can not be raised, the joint area to be overlapped with more than 10 cm.

  4. Texture the glue on the interface, in the glue before drying, will cut the lawn tiled and joined, so that each artificial turf between the close adhesion.

  5. After the laying is completed, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bonding of the joint area is smooth, whether the binding of the artificial grass is firm, and the inspection is carried out.

  6. In the need to set the white artificial turf cut the green artificial turf, set into the tape, and in the above coated with glue, and then cut the white artificial turf cut in front of the pavement marked with a good course line The position is bonded to the splice tape.

  7. Sprinkle quartz sand and rubber particles according to the needs of the site. If you need to drop the quartz sand on the quartz sand or black particles into the sprinkler, to promote the sprinkler can be quartz sand or black particles filled into the artificial lawn surface, sprinkler behind the brush brush quartz sand or black Rubber particles, and make quartz sand or black particles fall full. To promote the speed of the sprinkler to be uniform, not too fast can not be too slow to uniform thickness.

  8. Quartz sand or rubber particles after the laying of the need to check whether the formation and adequate, inadequate need to add to the patch, pavement found in any impurities to be immediately removed to ensure quality.

  9. Pavement of quartz sand or rubber particles to be kept dry to facilitate the flow of quartz sand or rubber particles pavement. Quartz sand or rubber particles can also be used after the completion of the use of hard brush or light load drag-type heavy brush, brush back and forth to make the quartz sand down full dense.

  10. After the completion of the laying of the acceptance.


  First, the glue: the requirements of the brush in the back of its turf thick uniform, can not be repeated coating, otherwise there will be bubbling phenomenon, or even fall. Bottom cloth coated with glue to strictly control the thickness of the glue, pay attention to the appropriate adhesive speed, glue should be applied to the bonding of the two were bonded.

  Second, the adhesive: According to the then temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions of the actual impact of a reasonable control of drying time, generally a coating after 10-30 minutes mortar to eighty-nine into a dry hand touch non-stick is appropriate. Adhesive requires a one-time alignment of sticky, must not be in the adhesive back and forth after moving the bonded objects.

  Third, the pressure: After bonding, remove the surface of debris, with a special rubber hammer from the adhesive to both sides of the force hammer, so that the surface of the full contact with dense, more solid bonding.