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Artificial Grass-Landscape Artificial Grass



Many parks and gardens are installed artificial turf, which have a unique appearance and a wide range of usage. In addition, it is replacing the natural grass because it does not have to be trimmed and irrigated.

When GOLDEN MOON LANDSCAPE ARTIFICIAL GRASS is installed, the surface can be kept in a horizontal position. To a large extent, the birth of artificial turf solved many problems, especially the aesthetic value.


Parents will be very happy that our artificial turf provides a better secure environment compared to natural grass, because our artificial turf has a smooth surface and a rubber layer that is used to reduce the child falls.

GOLDEN MOON will design the perfect style for your artificial turf.

In the kindergarten, teachers like children, who has no soil into the classroom, parents also like children keep clean when back home.

Another feature of the artificial turf is that the surface is not as hot as rubber in the summer, so many parents see artificial grass in the kindergarten, they want to buy and home decoration.


Green roofs are now widely used, especially in Roof garden and roof terraces, which appear in many cities and regions.

GOLDEN MOON ROOF surface constant temperature, cool in summer and warm in winter because of high degree of insulation.

Whether in the home or workplace, GOLDEN MOON will take full advantage of the space of the roof, provide professional design concepts and installation advice for you,make your life colorful.