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Operation Skills of Artificial Turf Spraying Waxing


  Professional manufacturers warn that water is a very critical maintenance measure for artificial turf, it will directly affect the life of artificial turf. In addition to water spray, artificial turf conservation during the need for waxing, this time and methods need to correctly grasp.

  Although the water can keep the artificial turf dry, not crack, no deterioration, but there are shortcomings of water spray, that is, artificial lawn because the water and the surface is too smooth when the athletes easy to wrestle, affecting the technology to play. Therefore, to control the time and amount of water spray.

  The artificial lawn waxing is generally carried out in the spring of each year, but also in the back before the tide operation; waxing before the artificial turf clean need to dry, alkaline water or detergent solution can be washed, you can also brush with a brush , Then rinse with water, wipe, dry.

  When waxing the artificial turf, you need to put the wax in a sachet sewn with a bag of cloth, and then start from the point of the site, from front to back, evenly spray the water on the artificial turf. Wait for a while and then use a waxing machine to polish.

  The wax used here is made of No. 10 diesel oil, oil, rosin and other raw materials from the preparation, with artificial turf is not dry, non-degenerate and anti-corrosion, anti-skid and so on. In general, once or twice a week, the number of times the climate is dry may be increased as appropriate.