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The reasons for the hot sale of artificial turf


  ​Artificial turf both shock and no noise, safe and sound, flexible, good flame retardant properties, suitable for school use, is the best training, activities, games and other venues.

  Artificial turf to take the concept of safety and environmental protection to avoid sports injuries as the leading, it provides adequate cushioning force, reduce the general hard to the foot may cause damage, so you did not cause all the concerns caused by the venue. Lawn scribe line with the direct preparation, do not need to frequently crossed and distressed, easy maintenance, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.

1. Ornamental artificial turf: the general choice of color green uniform, thin and well-proportioned species.

2. Artificial turf for sports: This type of artificial turf is more, usually for the network structure, including filler, trample, with a certain buffer protection performance. Although the artificial grass has no natural grass oxygen function, but also has a certain solid soil sand control function, and artificial turf system on the fall of the protective effect is stronger than the natural lawn, weather-free, long life, so a lot of Soccer fields and other sports venues.

3. Open artificial turf: open for people to rest, games, walking and other outdoor activities. Generally can choose toughness, thin, resistant to trampling types.

4.Natural weather: natural grass into the dormant period, the artificial grass is still able to bring you the feeling of spring; environmental protection: materials are in line with environmental requirements, man-made, artificial turf is not affected by the climate, improve the efficiency of the use of the site; Lawn surface can be recycled.