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The scope of application of artificial turf


  With the continuous improvement of the quality of life requirements, artificial turf has been widely used in: kindergarten, slope protection, decorative, basketball, primary school, drop, roof, school, playground, artificial lawn stadium, children, artificial lawn Volleyball courts, decorations, artificial lawn gate courses, golf courses, track and field and other places.

  Office, home, film and television photography and props;

  Suitable for key secondary schools, institutions of higher learning and professional sports teams and training venues, as well as the need to hold international competitions sports center, football training base, hockey and other professional events venues;

  Leisure grass for all kinds of landscape decoration and leisure venues;

  The simulation lawn is widely used in the construction of various schools, gymnasiums, town streets, hotels, multi-purpose playground, artificial turf football field, tennis courts, volleyball courts and a variety of other sports and leisure and entertainment venues;

  The main raw materials are:

  PE (polyethylene, mainly used for sports field),

  PA (Korean imports of nylon, sports and leisure venues and use), PP (polypropylene, mainly curled wire, for leisure places);

  Environmental protection and natural, pollution-free pollution; can also be used in the square, venue and primary and secondary schools, kindergarten integrated venues;

  40-60 mm grass used in the university and the official race land.