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Home  >  News  >  What are the international standards for artificial turf in football field?

What are the international standards for artificial turf in football field?


  In recent years, artificial turf sports ground has become one of the signs of modern sports facilities, from the school stadium, kindergarten to the community's leisure venues have formed an artificial turf heat.

  The lack of necessary understanding of the artificial turf on the market today, and the current lack of uniform national industry norms, the correct understanding and evaluation of artificial turf is increasingly necessary.

  Golden moon artificial turf that can be from the following aspects to examine the evaluation of artificial turf:


  The longest grass silk is 60mm for part of the football field, of course, the length of the grass is not the longer the better, the most common for the football field of the length of 50mm.

  2. appearance

  The softness of the grass is good, the color is natural, the appearance of how the feeling.


  Grass silk is made of fiber, the main component of fiber is polyethylene or polypropylene, fiber silk evaluation of two indicators: twist and fiber diameter. Common twist number is 5600 dtex, 7000 dtex, 8800 dtex and 9700 dtex, that is more twist the more the more fine silk, the better the quality. The diameter of the fiber is calculated in terms of μm, typically between 50 and 150 μm. Fiber yarn indicators are generally difficult to measure, so FIFA generally use fiber weight indicators.

  4. Fiber quality

  Used to ensure that more than the number of fiber seedlings to be correct and the use of fiber system should be correct.

  5. The density of grass silk

  The number of cluster head per square meter of grass silk is how many, this aspect from two angles to evaluate: First, the football field is generally 10500, the number of cluster head more the better; Second, the woven distance, Spacing, generally 158mm.