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What are the precautions for artificial turf bonding?


  Artificial turf is already a school and other green belt is often used to things, then we all know that the need to pay attention to the bonding should have the following.

  Adhesive: requires the applicator in its surface brushing, to be uniform thickness, not repeated coating, otherwise there will be bubbling phenomenon, or even fall. Bottom cloth using glue applicator, strictly control the thickness of the glue, pay attention to the appropriate glue, the coating should be applied to the bonding of the two bonding surface.

  Adhesive: According to the current temperature, humidity, pressure and other conditions of the actual impact, reasonable control of drying time. 10-30 minutes after the general coating, the mortar reached eighty-nine into dry to touch non-stick is appropriate. Requires the use of stickers, bonding requires a one-time alignment of sticky, must not be in the adhesive back and forth after moving the bonded objects.

  Pressure: After the glue is good, remove its surface debris, with a special rubber hammer from the adhesive to both sides of the force hammer, so that the surface of the contact with dense, more solid bonding.

  Curing: the curing time is generally three days, the final strength is generally measured for ten days. Therefore, during curing must pay close attention to its maintenance, to avoid too much exposure, flooding and movement, in order to achieve the best state of bonding.

  After the addition of the quartz sand and the rubber particles, the debris of the turf cut of the artificial turf site should be cleaned with an imported cleaner.

  Construction should pay attention to matters: in the artificial turf bonding construction, the glue can not be exposed to the media over time, due to solvent evaporation will cause the viscosity is too large and unable to construction. If the temperature is too low, the hot water can be heated to 15-20 ℃, you can restore the original state, and the same performance.

  Soccer field artificial turf is good or bad choice of grass varieties is very important, artificial turf in the construction process is also very important, then the construction of artificial turf in the process we should pay attention to what? Under the river culture for everyone to explain. Artificial turf Before construction we must first ensure that the base layer meets the requirements including the basis of the flatness, the basis of whether the oil and other debris or contaminants we have to clean up before the start of artificial grass construction.

  Artificial turf construction must ensure that the bottom of the turf and the interface cloth clean and dry, the construction temperature is best at 5 ℃ or more, and do a good job of sudden drop shower preparation. Adhesive can not be repeated when the glue to ensure uniform thickness of the coating. Adhesion to control the air curing time is generally 10-30 minutes after the glue so that the glue can be dry eighty-nine, when the adhesive to a one-time alignment sticky. After the artificial turf is glued, remove the surface debris with a rubber hammer and hammer the artificial grass. After the artificial grass is bonded, the debris of the artificial turf will be cleaned before filling the quartz sand and the rubber particles.

  Artificial turf in the filling of quartz sand and rubber particles should pay attention to the specifications of quartz sand in 20-40 head, rubber particles specifications for the 1.5-3mm. Filled with quartz sand requires a layer of filling, while also ensuring a suitable height of artificial grass.