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What is the national standard for artificial turf


  In the absence of national uniform industry norms, the current lack of artificial turf on the market the necessary understanding of the correct understanding and evaluation of artificial turf increasingly necessary. According to Professor Li Shuxing editor of the football field lawn management and evaluation "can be from the following aspects to examine and evaluate the artificial turf: the production of artificial turf before the entrance must comply with national industrial standards.

  1. Specifications: the longest grass is 60mm is mainly used for professional football field, the length of grass silk, in principle, the longer the better, the most common for the football field of grass silk length of about 30mm or so;

  2. Appearance: the softness of the grass is good, the color is natural, the appearance of how the feeling;

  3. Fiber: the price is higher. But if it is too soft, the main ingredient of the filament is made of fibrous yarn is polyethylene or polypropylene. The former than the latter soft, grass silk is difficult to stand up, the ball rebound ability is low. There are two evaluation indexes for fiber: twist and fiber diameter. Rare twist number of 5700 points, 7600 points, 8800 points and 10000 points, that is, the more the number of twist the more fine silk, the better the quality. The diameter of the fiber is calculated in terms of μm, typically between 50150 μm. The greater the diameter of the fiber the better the diameter of the big feeling is thick grass silk, wear resistance, the diameter of the fiber as small as a thin plastic sheet, not wearable. Fiber yarn indicators are generally difficult to measure, so FIFA generally use fiber weight indicators;

  4. Fiber quality: used to ensure that not only the number of fiber seedlings to be correct and the use of fiber system should be correct.

  5. The density of grass silk: the number of cluster head per meter of grass is how many, there are two aspects to evaluate: 1) soccer field is generally 130200, the number of cluster head more the better; 2) That is, the line spacing of silk, generally 510mm more dense as possible.