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Winter artificial turf maintenance to remove snow and ice


  Soccer field, basketball court, badminton court, golf green and the door of the golf course and so on artificial turf sports venues, to the cold winter, will inevitably run into snow and ice weather, winter artificial turf maintenance to remove the ice and snow what good way, Let Xiaobian let us introduce it in detail!

  In fact, there is a large part of the artificial turf sports venues are used in the outdoor, so after entering the cold winter, due to the impact of low temperature artificial turf sooner or later will be frozen. Although the impact of frozen on the artificial turf is not great, but after the ice can not use the site, in general, the impact of artificial turf by the frozen is not big, because the ice will automatically melt and evaporate clean. But in order to allow the football field can be used at any time, or need to remove the frozen ice on the artificial turf.

  In order to avoid the freezing of frozen ice when the artificial turf, the most commonly used method is to use heavy rollers to the artificial turf ice crushed. After crushing, you can go out from the field directly. In the sun and the ice is not too thick case, they will soon melt, little effect.

  If the ice is relatively thick, then you need to use chemicals to help it melt. But no matter on the artificial turf on the use of any chemical agents, will leave some residue, so in the weather permitting to rinse the venue. The more commonly used method is to sprinkle urea to help freeze the ice to melt, sprinkle with urea, half an hour after the frozen ice melt. The melted ice is cleaned with a washing machine, a rubber cleaner, a sweeper, or other suitable equipment. In addition, heavy equipment do not stay on the ground for a long time, because it will damage the artificial turf.