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Discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of laying artificial turf and natural lawn


In recent years with the rapid development of social economy, people pay more and more attention to health, so more and more people participate in sports activities, which requires larger and more practical sports venues and sports facilities. Paid special attention, many schools are in the new construction and expansion of sports venues, but for the school football field construction in recent years are using artificial turf instead of natural turf, what are the advantages of artificial grass? Let’s compare several aspects of the construction of the two kinds of lawn.

Investment cost

Artificial turf price is around 90yuan / square meters in China, if coupled with the base cost (lime, reinforced concrete 60 yuan / square meters), artificial turf fields cost in 150 yuan / square meters. With the development of science and technology, new varieties of artificial turf also appear constantly, now we have already appeared cheap artificial turf around 30-50 yuan / square meters, artificial turf that will move towards the direction of the development of high quality and inexpensive.  

Natural turf market currently transforms from the seller's market into buyer's market in domestic, the recent price changes greatly, now the price is between 10-50 yuan / square meters, and there is a huge gap with foreign turf quality. Special foreign football field turf price is around 70 euro / square meters, equivalent to RMB 500-600 yuan / square meters. The basic requirements of the regular natural turf football field are high, which is composed of 4 layers: the sod layer, the incubation layer, the drainage layer and the adjustment layer.

Management and maintenance

Artificial turf football field construction period is very short, usually half a month to complete, after putting into use without maintenance, as long as to prevent man-made malicious damage on the line.

Natural lawn needs three or four months later to cure after planting, and then can be put into use. After putting into use, special maintenance, regular watering, fertilization, pruning and pest control are necessary, so the late maintenance cost is extremely expensive, but also affected by temperature, weather, soil, it is difficult to maintain good. In the process of using, part will easily be destroyed, often need planting and replanting.

Service life and efficiency

Artificial turf fields life is generally between 10-15 years, in the process of using not affected by climate, weather, even under heavy rain, 20-30 minutes after draining rainwater and put into use. The use of efficiency is very high, especially in schools, students can be anywhere in the above activities, free from time constraints.

Natural grass football field is very long, many schools planting natural grass in three or four years will not see the grass, bare soil field. Even if there is a professional maintenance personnel of the professional football club's, natural turf football field life span is five or six years.

Landscape effect

Artificial turf football field is green forever, not subject to seasonal climate change, four seasons evergreen, and the red plastic runway composed of school is a beautiful scenery line.  

Natural grass football field in China in autumn and winter will be withered dead, until the second year spring to germinate, after a period of maintenance period to grow long. So in a long winter, the entire stadium is a piece of brown or even a bare soil. Even in the normal use of the process often have to shovel the lawn, if not timely replanting, will also affect the visual effects of the entire plastic playground.