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Do not let the artificial turf become the children's health "killer"


Do not let the artificial turf become the children's health "killer"

Artificial turf was born in America in the 60s of last century. It has undergone 6 generations of technical changes and has been spread to China for nearly 20 years since the end of 90s of last century. Artificial turf has bright appearance, long service life, low cost maintenance, the use is not affected by natural weather conditions, was widely applied in schools, communities, institutions and football club both at home and abroad. In 2014, Brazil World Cup used artificial lawn, it is the best case of artificial lawn promotion.

It is a good thing for promoting campus football that using artificial lawn instead of natural lawn. However, I do not know when artificial lawn has become the biggest concern, its attention is no less than the "poison runway". Once, it is a kind of hope for the majority of primary and secondary school to have a piece of artificial turf field, but now, if the quality is not good, it will be the hidden health "killer" for students!  

Does artificial lawn really do harm to human health?

Start with the materials for artificial turf. It is reported that the artificial turf is using plastic chemical products as raw materials, embedded synthetic fiber like fronds in woven base cloth, backed with fixing coating, which has a natural grass sports performance. The raw materials include nylon (PA), polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), can also use PVC and polyamide. Stitched yarn, pulled by these materials, and the mesh fabric (PP) through the grass machine together, and then combined these two composite together through the Ding glue.

Experts pointed out that, from the material itself, artificial turf is non-toxic, and after heating will not produce toxic gas. In the past, the harm of artificial turf, mainly because of fibrosis, namely environment in ultraviolet light, temperature change, acid rain and other easily brittle, becoming into the floc after weathering, children rolling over it, particles are easily inhaled into the respiratory tract, causing respiratory disease. This problem has happened before, and later the international standard has been modified and perfected. The problem has been solved in the process. In the production of artificial turf, the small molecules were changed into macromolecules, which made the particles of the football field aging and become difficult to inhale. This problem was solved well.

The main toxic substances present artificial turf is benzene, toluene and xylene, if the turf itself is qualified, then the problem is most likely in the installation of auxiliary materials used as lawn filled with black particles, and the adhesive glue joints on the lawn. Toluene and xylene is industry ab diluent, in construction incorrect ratio of toluene and xylene will exceed the standard, resulting in damage to the human body.  

How should we do the management and supervision of artificial lawn?

China's artificial turf industry urgently needs to be standardized and monitored strictly. No matter the bidding process of the school or the construction process of the national artificial lawn, there are no specific standards and regulations to follow.

First of all, the state should introduce standards related to artificial turf. The Ministry of education can be combined with artificial turf industry, the introduction of a unified standard is applicable to the provisions of the school campus, or artificial turf should reach FIFA standard, ensure the school has specific rules to follow in the procurement process. At the same time, the construction of stadiums and gymnasiums should be carried out by professional companies instead of ordinary builders, and the quality supervision should be carried out by the project supervision companies with qualification certificates.

Then, in the construction process, the state and schools need to refine the bidding standards and monitor them. Do the effective prevention and control on the cheap, shoddy and inferior products, prohibited from entering the bidding procedures, artificial turf procurement need to meet the international practice standards, and select the whole project materials, construction process supervision, product testing and acceptance of the project stage goes through a series of standard process, in strict accordance with the law, reduce the possibility of risk.

Finally, regular cleaning, maintenance and audit of the artificial lawn are required. Industry experts believe that, to give the child a healthy turf, mainly from the sports safety, environmental protection, health and safety considerations. The artificial lawn must maintain a certain thickness, but also need regular maintenance, to avoid increasing the harm to children.

"Poison lawn" let people sad, but also can not forget the artificial lawn to bring us benefit, cannot deny the value of artificial lawn because of "poison lawn".

We believe that the "poison lawn" incident will be dealt with effectively and must not endanger the children's health!

We believe that the construction of artificial lawn will also be getting better and better!