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Football Artificial Grass Installation Process And Standard


Artificial Grass System Of Golden Moon

Achieving a high quality sports ground construction not only rests with the key element,the artificial grass quality,but also on site design,preparation,installation and,ultimately ongoing maintenance
Golden Moon artificial grass is a superb product utilizing first class materials and advanced manufacturing techniques
We have a "1+N"team of experts to focus on planning,site design,preparation and installation with advisors who specialize in customer service
According to National Standards,which covers artificial grass,we bring together international advanced technology and experience and unify it with the complex Chinese environment
By so doing we have established a whole system for Golden Moon artificial grass encompassing the whole installation from design through to maintenance of the finished product
We take pride in offering our customer,and agents,the finest quality sports ground on a continuous basis.Please refer to the recommended artificial grass installation procedures below

To start the installation we need to carry out a full site survey.With a fully equipped,experienced installation team the most important part of any installation is the sub-base preparation

Sub-Base Preparation
1.All materials used in the sub-base must pass rigorous inspection prior to being deployed
2.The sub-base surface must be smooth and stable without signs of cracks and broken edges.The joint have to be smooth,clean and without leaks
3.Following a period of rain the drains should be tested for at least two hours.Minor leaks,not exceeding 4mm,can be accepted
4.Following completion of the sub-base,a 10mx10m should be employed to double check the measurements and the drain slope angle-which should not exceed 0.7% with inaccuracy of less than 1.5%
5.Rolling compaction of the stable base should not less 93%
6.Qualified rate of smoothness,slope and location measurement should be greater than 85%
7.Maximun allowable thickness variation should be ±10%

If there is rain and snow,or under the circumstance of the temperature below 10℃ and other bad climates,the installation should be suspended,which is the matter needing attention when start installation

Step One-Placing the lines(Measurement)


1.First,determine the centre point of the field and then two mid points between the centre and the end of the lines,then position the centre line accordingly

2.According to the central point of the field,position a line at right angles with this point

Step Two-Placing Rolls


1.Refer to the installation drawing.Position the rolls at the edge of the field,starting from the halfway line,and commence unrolling.At the joint of two rolls overlap by 2cm,or as recommended on the site installation drawing

2.Align the edge of the roll with the sideline whilst unrolling the grass making adjustments as required.N.B.Unroll in the direction of the arrows on the packing

Step Three-Cutting Turf


Refer to the installation drawing and cut the white lines from the rolls 

Cut the joints from the centre using a grass line cutter.Bring two rolls together and trim the edge by knife.Pull the edge of the turf back,approximately 20cm from the cut edge.N.B.do not walk on the trimmed turf at this time as a crease may occur 

Step Four-Joining Artificial Grass


1.Unroll the joining tape down the centre of the joint line,placing it below one of the pieces of turf to be joined.N.B.Should the joint tape be damp it should be dried before use

2.Having satisfactorily placed both pieces of turf upon the joint tape,pull the edges back and apply adhesive to the tape,then reposition the turf pn top of the tape,adjusting the joint as required
Should there be a gap which is larger than required cut the turf at a point approximately 2-5cm away then adjust the turf towards the joint line in order to achieve the desired appearance

Step Five-Setting Function Lines


1.After laying and joining all the turf,refer to the installation drawing for the correct position of all function lines.Mark the position of the lines on the grass and using a sharp knife cut and remove in the appropriate positions,Replace removed sections with white grass using the same procedure as above for joining pieces of turf

2.If difficulty is experienced in cutting circles tight areas such as corner circles,it is recommended that the entire are be removed,cut,and then replaced section by section until the desired effect is achieved

Step Six-Turf Repair 
Once the installation is complete the entire field should be thoroughly inspected for area where the grass has folded or for other imperfections.At these points,the turf should be cut,any overlap removed and then rejoined in the manner stated above 

Step Seven-Sand Infilling


The use of a sand infilling machine is recommended,however,if one is not available a grid 4m*4m should be drawn with sand placed at the points of the grid.The quantity of sand  shall be determined by the pile height of the grass 
Using a brushing machine the sand shall be spread evenly over the finished surface

Step Eight-Rubber Granule Infilling


Infill the rubber granules using a sand infilling machine,however,if one is not available a grid 4m*4m should be drawn with granules placed at the points of the grid.The quantity of the granules shall be determined by the pile height of the grass  
Using a brushing machine the granules shall be spread evenly over the finished surface
2.Following infill with both sand and rubber granules,brush the grass again this time in both horizontal and vertical directions 

Step Nine-Cleaning 
1.Remove all traces of joint tape as well as turf off cuts
2.Brush uo the surface of the turf using a broom

Step Ten-Complete Installation/Customer Inspection 


1.In order to maximize sports performance,it is recommended that the field is allowed to settle for a minium of two days following completion 
2.It is recommened that no games are played on the field prior to customer inspection 
3.The new field should be inspected in accordance with the customers,previously agreed,artificial turf surface quality requirements.Any discrepancies will be rectified