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Golden Moon Landscape grass increase a little green in this winter


The landscape artificial grass as background applications become more popular.Designers often use certain features of a particular species constituting the main scene, but with other species with foil, this time, the landscape grass will play a strong role in the background, give full play to its open, neat, uniform characteristics, from contrast harmonic aspects to highlight the characteristics of the main scene and the background landscape of plants, forming a rich seasonal changes and flexible savanna, jungle grassland landscape.

Another environmental lawn as background application is compatible with the flowers. Flower color effects and action are indispensable garden layout, and color change flower very different colors of flowers, set off each other, become the main scene and the background, but they need a flat, uniform green lawn as background to be compared, in this case, this landscape green  canvas cloth gave flowers convenient disposal has created extremely favorable conditions, so as to achieve the effect of a variety of beauty.

Landscaping grass , not only is a good material for layout, but also play a very good ecological role. When some more special or specific conditions, with other disposal methods are not appropriate cloth. With lawn cloth expedient disposal can do, this is the turf of other applications in landscape design.

In parks, amusement parks and scenic areas which except for some rest facilities, often open some rest, activity venue is clear that these sites are hard pavement is not appropriate, and with the formation of some open landscaping grass, natural venue on by visitors welcome, it will not only be able to meet people close to nature and requirements of the psychological, and ecological effects brought by it and environmental aspects, is more conducive to people's physical and mental health.