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Golf Putting Artificial Grass Will Be The Pride Of Your Backyard


Golf putting grass needs to mimic natural grass like you have on a real golf course. While this mostly revolves around the feeling of the grass during the game, there are different choices to be made. Most important are the length and density of the lawn. These attributes impact the ball roll speed and the feel and stability when walking over the grass. The latter is also referred to as stimp speed.

To make sure that clients get a putting green that perfectly fits their needs, we look at their play style and the courses they normally play. In general, only short grasses are recommended for golf putting, but we are able to deliver premium grasses in a vast variety of length.

A few of the golf products that we offer include:

Putting greens
Fairway mats
Dave Pelz GreenMaker DIY putting greens
Portable golf greens
Golf course turf
You can have a beautiful grass lawn to practice on without any of the costly and time consuming maintenance that would come with natural grass. We also offer synthetic putting greens that are portable and can be assembled anywhere easily within minutes. In other words, you can practice your game at home, the office, or even at a friend’s. The choice is yours!

If you’re looking for an artificial grass lawn to practice your swing, we carry custom-designed surfaces to accentuate your outdoor space. Your artificial turf putting green will be the pride of your backyard and a space that you can enjoy alone or with friends for years