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Government Landscape Designer Visits The Factory


On January 18th, 2017, the landscape designer Mr.Zhang visited Golden Moon factory. Mr.Zhang was a landscape designer, who lived in China for a long time, often helped government to purchase products and design garden style. Because the government needed to design a football field for school, Mr.Zhang knew Golden Moon via his friend, then decided to visit our factory.

In the whole visiting, Mr.Zhang asked a lot of questions about football artificial grass, the sales manager Mr.Wang answered one by one and tried his best to solve the problems. Especially for football grass, Manager Wang not only talked about the origin and development of football grass, and comparison with peer, but also provided the laying program, such as the usage of tape, the application of quartz sand and rubber particles, the choice of site and the layout of drainage system and so on.

Mr.Zhang was very satisfied and hoped that we can implement docking project and designing solutions as soon as possible.

Golden Moon always attached great importance to cooperation with government agencies and hoped to use high-quality Artificial Grass in more project design.