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Correctly identify artificial turf, to avoid "poison turf" hazards


  "Poison turf" to people's lives is very great harm, but this does not mean that all the artificial turf is a problem, and artificial turf has been deep into many aspects of people's lives, to avoid "poison turf" hazards, must be correct Identify artificial turf.

  First, the material identification method

  1.artificial turf grass fiber material. (PP), grass fiber hard, simple fiberification is usually applied to the tennis court artificial turf, playground and other purposes; nylon (PA) is the United States, the United States and the United States, The best artificial turf data, the United States and other developed countries throughout the selection of nylon artificial turf, but offer a higher, most customers can not afford.

  2.the bottom. Wool composite woven fabric, with the use of anti-corrosion function, the glue and the grass have a good adhesion, easy to solid, this artificial turf offer moderate; grid fiber at the bottom, the choice of glass fiber and other information, to increase the strength of the bottom And grass fiber bundling force has a better help.

  3.artificial turf glue. (PU) glue, strength and binding force is more than several times the above goods, durable use, beautiful color, sure that the price is good, the price is cheap, with water, but easy to leak glue to Germany BASF better; Will not be corrosive, moldy and environmentally friendly but offer more expensive is the world's common information.

  Second, the type of identification method

  1.according to the type of artificial turf to distinguish the type of distinction, according to the grass structure, artificial turf is divided into: monofilament artificial turf, this product domestic skills sophisticated, economical and practical; curly grass, is pure imports, offer the highest; Mixed with artificial turf, the market is the best motor function, offer higher; single fiber species, is the mainstream of the world market goods, high simulation, the most used, is only able to protect and innovation of goods, The emergence of olive simulation also has the natural grass of the clue, on behalf of the highest level of the market goods.

  2.the artificial turf is divided into: 7400D, 8800D, 1100D, D is the measurement of silk fineness unit, every nine kilometers for a unit, in principle, D units The greater the quality the better. TDG fiber is high by the use of functional fibers, and usually not the same commodity, TDG fiber products than usual usually the number of goods to improve the number of more than 20%. Thickness: 80,100,150, width: 10,11.5,12, in principle, the greater the thickness and width of the better the better the quality.

  3.artificial turf by weaving way to distinguish the type of distinction, according to weaving, artificial lawn is divided into: 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch. 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch. Weaving type does not have much effect on quality, but grass density is a key indicator, too sparse and too dense will have an adverse effect on the quality of artificial turf products, usually recommend the use of 3/8 inch goods.