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Common types and characteristics of artificial turf


  According to the manufacturing method divided planting grass turf and knitted turf, which accounted for the vast majority of tufted turf. According to the field of application of the stadium turf, golf turf, decoration and leisure turf.

  Competitive sports training ground:

  Features: Avoids sports injuries Improves site function for multi-functional sports education Wear-resistant for high frequency-intensive use Easy integration into the surrounding environment, beautiful (velvet 40-60MM) Mainly used for professional football, rugby, baseball, etc. Sports ground laying.

  Leisure Sports:

  Suitable for recreational ball sports venues, investment costs lower than the plastic venues, recreational ball games, for the rest of the community fitness needs, the gate stadium is more suitable for senile exercise. (Cashmere high 9-15MM): Fiber is imported nylon, mainly used for high-end leisure venues and golf, gateball, hotel, swimming pool, recreation and leisure venues and other sports venues laying.

  School sports venue grass series:

  Special Note: The school playground is one of the most frequently used public places. Hundreds of people run, play football and play games. Thousands of people do aerobics, which can raise a lot of dust. Small particles can be inhaled into the air and are harmful to students' health. Therefore, the sand dust playground in primary and secondary schools, to be included in the environmental protection department of air pollution control one of the key objectives. Artificial turf is the dedication of the relevant departments to govern school "soil" playground products.

  (Velvet high in 10MM) is mainly used for tennis, basketball, badminton and other sports ground laying. (Velvet height 20MM) can be used for tennis courts, basketball courts, runways and other sports venues laying. (Velvet 25-32MM) is mainly used for laying a comprehensive playground in the school.