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Artificial turf sports venues small damage how to repair?


  The best maintenance time of artificial turf sports venues should ensure that the venue is not used for two days and the temperature is suitable. At this time, the stadium should be thoroughly inspected and the surface repaired on a small scale. Carefully check the suture for looseness, the entire turf to be done at the bottom damage, tearing, burning, the loss of rubber particles and other checks. Draw a sketch of the entire stadium and record every place that needs to be patched. However, repair should be selected in warm, dry weather, if the stadium is wet, do not paste the seam and fill the turf.

  Experience tells us that most playground repairs are small natural injuries. But no matter what, do not promptly repair small damage will make the problem magnified.

  Repair small cracks or sutures loosening place: turf full of vacuum repair. Clean the area to be repaired and remove the torn area with methyl ethyl alcohol or methyl bromide. If neither is suitable, use mineral products. Check the fiber placed in a satisfactory position. Spray a small amount of adhesive at the seam to control the amount of glue applied. Excessive adhesive may prevent ingress or egress of water. The adhesive is wiped off with a knife or scraper so that the entire fiber is firmly adhered. Open the seam so that the adhesive will dry in the air. Allow the adhesive to dry at least 30 minutes before closing the suture. The drying time is very tight and it is based on the ambient temperature at 24 ° C and 50% humidity. If the weather is cold or dry, the opening time should be such that the squeegee appears to have dried. Keep the fiber and adhesive in the same position. Sprinkle the filler in a well-repaired place and sweep it completely into the turf, even where it is re-used.

  Warning: Toluene and minerals are highly flammable and vaporizable and can cause injury. Use it in an open and well-ventilated area. Do not use it near fireworks or other neglected areas. No smoking is allowed in the area.