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Artificial turf how to renovate


  What problems and precautions will be encountered in the process of renovation of an old man-made lawn venue?

  1.the renovation of artificial turf sites need to remove the old artificial turf, replace the new artificial turf. The first step is to remove artificial turf, which is the key link. The first thing to note when removing artificial turf is not to spoil (eradicate) the original artificial turf foundation. The artificial turf foundation is usually made of cement, asphalt, or other lime-soil cushion. The artificial turf is adhered to Ground or seams and non-woven fabric above, the removal of artificial turf, the use of tools to remove the artificial lawn and bonding layer, do not damage the foundation of artificial turf pit bumpy.

  2. In addition to the removal of these waste materials are tonnage as a unit, so in the quotation process to give full consideration to a lot of novices to see the venue when the venue to see artificial turf lawn bald approaching bald, that need to carry garbage disposal will be Less, actually not true. Because of the amount of quartz sand that is filled at the time of the construction of the new artificial turf field, the amount of quartz sand is unchanged. Taking a standard soccer field as an example, the filled quartz sand is about 200 tons, so this is a very Large waste removal work must therefore be fully considered when making the budget.

  3. The old lawn-carrying and cleaning of old, quartz sand, rubber particles, scrapped materials are absolutely ineffective, and after years of use these old materials have long lost their inherent properties, A lot of dust and other garbage dirty, no safety performance.

  4. Before paving a new artificial lawn, be sure to clean the site first. If possible, it is best to rinse it with water again. It is better to clean up the floating dust on the site before proceeding with the pavement.