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Artificial turf drainage design and construction


  In addition to those major factors, there are other factors such as grassroots treatment and the choice of adhesive for bonding to ensure the quality and economy of artificial turf prior to its construction. In short, in the actual project construction, all factors should be fully integrated with the investment of investors, the actual use of artificial turf and other factors, and based on scientific theories and techniques, the economic, applicable and effective principles should be realized to the greatest extent.

  In order to let the folds of the lawn natural expansion and contraction, it is recommended to put the artificial turf in the sun the best sun exposure.

  1.Before beginning to pave the artificial turf, measure the entire field line, measure the location of the course line and make a mark, with different colors of ink mark well to determine the artificial turf laying direction and location.

  2.Began to lay artificial turf: in the lawn junction paved with a special splicing tape and fastened with steel nails, nail head can not be raised, the junction area to be handed over coincidence 10 ㎝ above.

  3.Apply glue to the bonding interface, tiling and bonding the trimmed lawn before the glue dries, allowing each artificial lawn to bond closely.

  4.Laying is completed, the need to carefully check the bonding area is smooth, artificial grass adhesion is solid, after checking all the requirements are met before the next process of construction.

  5 Cut off the green artificial turf in the place where the white artificial turf needs to be inserted, insert the splicing tape and apply the glue on it, then insert the cut white artificial turf into the marked line of the stadium before laying Stitching tape for bonding.

  6.According to the needs of the venue sprinkled with quartz sand and rubber particles. If you need to sprinkle quartz sand put quartz sand or black particles into the spreader, push the spreader to quartz sand or black particles filled artificial turf surface, brush behind the sprayer brush flat quartz sand or black Colloidal particles, and quartz sand or black particles drop full.

  7.Promote the speed of the spreader should be uniform, not too hasty nor too slow, to the thickness of uniform.

  8.Quartz sand or rubber particles to be completed after the completion of inspection is required and sufficient, inadequate to be appropriate to add, paving found any impurities to be removed immediately to ensure quality.

  9.Quartz sand or rubber pavement in the pavement should be kept dry to facilitate the flow of quartz sand or rubber particles paved. Quartz sand or rubber particles can also be used after paving the hard brush or light load drag heavy brush, brush back and forth to make full and dense quartz sand drop.

  10.After the completion of the laying acceptance of exit.