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Precautions during installation and running in artificial turf


  The installation of artificial turf is not difficult, but there are still a lot of things to be aware of, which is to ensure the quality of artificial turf construction, so that it can be successfully put into normal use, only high-quality artificial turf people can rest assured that the use of .

  In view of this, the artificial turf must be fixed or glued firmly during installation to avoid accidents during the windy season and cause unnecessary injuries. And usually pay more attention to artificial turf whether there is Alice edge degumming phenomenon, once found abnormal circumstances, the need for timely protection measures to avoid temporary negligence and cause serious consequences.

  Artificial turf needs at least two weeks to process and stabilize the grass fiber, during which time it is recommended that all heavy equipment and unnecessary traffic be driven off the artificial turf. Moreover, it should be possible to control the cleaning time, but also do not swept the weather hot, so as not to adversely affect the artificial turf.

  In addition, rubber-filled artificial turf, unlike natural grasses, often requires weeks of use and weathering to achieve the desired athletic performance, requiring not only deep weaving of the filaments into the artificial turf surface but also the need for a particle-filling fit .

  Nowadays, artificial turf is used in many places. Others may worry that it will harm the health of the human body. Such fear is totally superfluous. As long as the correct manufacturers to buy artificial turf, are made of environmentally friendly materials, it is safe.

  Artificial turf main raw material is PP and PE, these raw materials undergo a rigorous quality testing, non-toxic non-polluting, and many testing standards have reached international standards, the human body will not have any impact. And artificial turf can also be very effective in preventing bacteria from breeding, so artificial turf bacteria is still relatively small.