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Artificial turf routine maintenance


  Artificial turf is designed for durability and artificial turf does not require "rest" when compared to natural turf Carefully designed to improve the usability and aesthetics of artificial turf, the following points will help you extend the use of the venue for a longer period of time life:

  1. Basic points:

  When the stadium artificial turf is installed, it takes two weeks to stabilize the grass fiber. We recommend that you do not want to hold sports events during this period, and heavy equipment and unnecessary transportation vehicles should not enter the venue. During this time, to minimize the frequency of cleaning, in particular, do not swept at high temperatures.

  2. Keep it clean:

  Cleaning the artificial pasture is the only effective way to keep your athletic field in optimal condition. To use frequent periods, insist on monthly cleaning and maintenance, timely removal of garbage on the site.

  3. Control the use of the venue:

  Time permitting, after the sporting event, try to keep the venue for a week before continuing to use.

  4. Provide enough bins to prevent trash from spilling.

  5. Timely repair small damage:

  Early spring season is suitable for man-made grounds for maintenance, repair, carefully check the suture is loose, check the entire turf at the end of cloth without damage, tear, burning and other timely replenishment filling materials.

  6. In the venue to establish "No Smoking", "No food carry approach" logo.