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Football field artificial turf conservation technology


  From the current application analysis, artificial turf sports grounds in the domestic football field occupy a large proportion of schools and community courts, which has brought great help to our work and life. In the daily use of the process, the use of accurate and appropriate maintenance will be possible to extend the use of artificial turf football stadium time, but also can effectively ensure its beautiful level.

  So, you know in the process of conservation, what are more useful tips? Next, Kim Moon Lawn to share with you about the maintenance of artificial turf football stadium some of the skills, hoping to help everyone. First of all, 9mm long spikes must not be worn on the lawn during use, and all motorized vehicles must not be allowed on the lawn.

  In addition, heavier objects are not allowed to be pressed on artificial turf for long periods of time. Other physical activities such as shots, javelins, discus and other high-drop sports are prohibited on the lawn. Second, care must also be taken to prevent water infiltration. Also not allowed to have outside sewage into the lawn, in the construction of the lawn can be built around a circle of curb stone to prevent sewage from entering.

  Furthermore, if during the period of use, a problem of intertwining of the artificial turf of a soccer stadium has been found, it should be treated with a special anti-tangle agent and then swept with a hard broom. If the problem is more serious, then you need to dispose of the entire turf and cleaning.

  In addition, there is also a need to periodically make artificial grass turf on the football field as required. Normally, cleaning should be done weekly after six to eight weeks after paving to ensure that the stems are upright and gravelly uniform. When it comes to snowy days, it should promptly sweep the snow.