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Artificial turf course aging phenomenon


  Share the four phenomena of artificial turf course aging

  1. Fill rubber hardens

  As time goes by, the filled layer sinks, the particles sink and compresses into a thick layer. This wear process can be minimized with proper maintenance. The rubber itself also hardens over time, severely reducing the performance of the course. If the fiber is still in good condition then rebuilding will be an option; if the fiber is already worn, the stadium will need to be rebuilt to lay new artificial turf.

  2. Fiber wear

  During the course of the course, artificial turf fibers and filling rubbers are the most severely worn parts. A loose or broken lawn fiber indicates that the lawn is broken, reducing the pile-up density and fiber length and thickness.

  3. Deformation of the foundation

  The foundation will eventually deform so that it will not be as comfortable to run on. Deformation of the foundation is often caused by the use of inferior raw materials; improper use can also lead to deformation of the foundation, for example, to allow overweight machines into the stadium. A good foundation has a longer life expectancy than a lawn and can last for about 30 years.

  4. Loose lines

  Due to the non-professional pavement, white lines and seams are likely to loose or broken. If it is tacky, the life of the seam should be as long as the life of the artificial turf field.

  Kim Moon warm reminder to our customers, construction should pay attention to the 2 points, can effectively increase the life of artificial turf course:

  1. Artificial turf seams should be checked at the back of the artificial turf back and ground are clean, dry and moisture-free.

  2. Artificial turf construction site ambient temperature should be selected in the construction of more than 5 ° C is appropriate, and should not be in the rainy season or the rainy season construction, otherwise it will lead to bonding time is too long, and even cause non-stick phenomenon. Obvious degumming after the event, the venue utilization rate decreased.