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Kindergarten artificial turf you need to know a few points


  1.On how to choose the right kindergarten artificial turf: the market a wide range of lawns, the price difference is big, if not the professionals in the industry to choose which lawn, what the price of lawn is enough headache. We talk about the election grass, kindergarten artificial turf from that several aspects to consider?

  Grass height: Under normal circumstances kindergarten lawn selection of 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, too high lawn laying is good, grass upright degree will be affected;

  Grass flavor, a good lawn is the normal taste of food bags, the taste is very light, if there is a pungent taste, such a lawn is not a good lawn, it may be environmental non-compliance;

  Color: the color closer to the true color of the grass the higher the degree of simulation, in addition to the lawn density, spacing, material and other factors that we should consider the election of several dimensions.

  2.Kindergarten artificial turf laying requirements: The general cement floor that can be laid artificial turf.

  3.Kindergarten artificial turf dosage calculation method:

  The base lawn: that is, we call the green lawn, the total area of ​​the kindergarten playground - Rainbow Runway area;

  The area of ​​the rainbow runway: set according to the situation of the playground;

  4.The use of accessories:

  Artificial turf special glue calculation: 13 liters / barrel of lawn glue, the general can be laid 200 square meters of lawn;

  Aconnecting belt: divided into two types of non-woven fabrics and PP cloth.