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Selection of artificial lawn in football field


  Artificial turf has been widely used in soccer field since 2010, due to its good flatness, convenient maintenance, and no climate impact.

  Artificial turf for artificial turf fields there are three, namely mesh grass, grass and grass fiber reinforced monofilament. The simulation of three kinds of grass in artificial turf is high. Mesh of artificial turf grass fiber is very similar to the previous rough, we used the plastic rope, the cross-section is similar to the open, mesh nets, mesh wire mesh is called as the name implies, referred to as. Mesh artificial turf artificial turf filament affordable price ratio.

  Artificial turf mesh

  With respect to the mesh of artificial turf, artificial turf grass fiber monofilament is thin and dense, the bionic structure of higher degree, closer to the use of natural turf life and abrasion resistance are better than artificial turf mesh is good, the price is relatively expensive. With the continuous development of the economy and rapid improvement of people's living standard, monofilament artificial lawn has been increasingly appearing in the sports field, and its motion performance has been widely recognized.

  Monofilament artificial turf

  Monofilament reinforced artificial lawn is a process based on monofilament artificial lawn. There is a raised reinforcement in the middle of every straw. So the elasticity and wear resistance of grass wire will be greatly improved, and the actual effect will be better. Of course, the price will increase slightly.

  Monofilament reinforced artificial turf

  The above three kinds of artificial lawns must be filled with sand and rubber particles during the laying process. Customers need special attention when buying, and choose the right football field artificial lawn as required. Football field lawn as the foundation of football, the quality of its direct influence and determine the key factors of the game. All this is because the lawn directly restricts the speed and safety of the players on the field, and it also involves the life of the court.