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How to improve the service life of artificial turf


  Artificial grass with economic development, more and more places have started laying Artificial grass, not only for sports venues, now including sports fields, kindergartens, home decoration, green space, hotels and so have appeared in the Artificial grass Figure, which also means that more and more people in the life of Artificial grass began to accept, then the problem came, how to enhance the use of lawn and the length of time is the user most concerned about things, Kim Moon Lawn and everyone say How to improve the useful life of Artificial grass.

  1.Artificial grass quality

  In China, we all agree that the cheaper the better, the quality is secondary to them, in fact, this idea is wrong, first of all, the quality of Artificial grass directly affects the duration and duration of use, if it is to buy diamonds It is clear that a monofilament of 18,000 pounds of professional football field lawn contrasts with an average of 8,800 pounds of grass. Whether it is wear-resistant or tensile strength are pound higher, in terms of age and duration greatly lengthened.

  2.Professional construction

  Many people buy Artificial grass feel free to use the pavement, in fact, wrong, laying Artificial grass with the construction of the house just a reason, an important foundation, if the foundation is not good, no matter how good Artificial grass is useless If you want to improve the use of the lawn for a long time, the foundation must be used on a hard foundation, the basis of a conventional cement-based foundation and asphalt base, and then is a professional construction workers, a site to do well with the builders have a direct relationship, a professional The construction staff is also a necessary factor for a venue. The last one is the filling material used in Artificial grass laying: quartz sand and rubber particles. First, the laying of quartz sand and particles must be paved; Second, the raw materials must meet the national standards, in general, are the use of 40-60 mesh quartz sand, 16-20 purpose TPE environmental particles.


  Artificial grass of the service life and duration of not only with the quality and construction, but also with the latter part of the maintenance is closely related, if the maintenance is not in place, even then the useful life of Artificial grass is also very short drops, if it is in accordance with FIFA standards to maintain, then use 40 hours to be maintained once, if the average duration of 4 hours, 10 days to be carried out maintenance, including brushing grass to maintain, to fill the rubber particles and quartz sand. But also the lawn cleaning and degumming off the patch.