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Correct understanding of artificial turf


  In recent years, with the development of sports and leisure activities, a kind of product has been started to flow from school stadiums and kindergartens to community leisure venues. It is an artificial turf. However, in the absence of a unified industry standard, artificial turf is lacking in the necessary understanding of artificial turf currently on the market.

  Especially on artificial turf construction standards, which is the normal premise of artificial turf normal use, the standard involves the first artificial turf specifications, the current artificial turf grass longer can reach 60mm, this material is mainly used for professional football field. The length of grass silk in principle, the longer the better, but generally used for football grass sliver length of about 30mm or so.

  Followed by the relevant standards on the appearance of artificial turf, including the color, appearance, softness and other three aspects, the color should be maintained in nature, the appearance should feel good, softness of artificial turf has always been, such artificial turf can be put into use.

  The main material of the artificial turf grass silk filament yarn, the main component is polyethylene or polypropylene, the former is softer than the latter, the grass silk difficult to stand up, the ball's rebound ability is low. There are two evaluation criteria for the standard fiber yarn, namely, the number of twists and the fiber diameter. The more the number of twists, the finer the grass yarn is, the better the quality is; the larger the fiber diameter is, the more wear resistance is.

  In addition, the quality of fiber in artificial turf is also one of the factors to measure its quality, which can not be neglected. Artificial turf football stadium is generally 130200 cluster heads, the better the number of cluster head; and its grass line spacing is generally 510mm, but not as close as possible.