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Application of artificial turf in landscape


  Artificial turf plays a role in landscaping. It is quite common to use it as a scene, and can be used as a contrast and contrast to architecture, topography, roads and shrubs.

  One. Artificial turf and terrain

  When artificial turf and terrain are used in conjunction with the time, the terrain and artificial turf will be integrated, artificial turf can be the beauty of terrain contrast, more commonly used in small parks, gardens, parks, residential and scenic areas, especially After a miniature transformation, prompting small changes in the terrain, the surface will be more neat, you can better visual display artificial grass, but if the terrain is relatively large, and open and flat artificial turf With the cooperation, you can better reflect the complex terrain.

  Two. Artificial turf and building

  Building throughout the design, whether it is utilization or location are very important, because the lawn is relatively low, with the corresponding openness, the use of contrasting design will reflect the characteristics of the building, combined with the plasticity of artificial turf , Soften the building on stiff lines and enrich the artistic composition of the entire landscape design. If you want to create a landscape environment that is beneficial to your body in terms of health, you will need that the surrounding environment and architecture must be coordinated with each other, As the artificial turf belongs to Ping fast, so the effect is more obvious, often used in the regulation of buildings and the environment.