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Artificial turf compared with natural lawns more advantages


  Artificial turf is non-living chemical fiber or plastic as raw material, artificial selection of lawn replacement.

  At present, artificial turf has been favored by schools, stadiums and other public places. At the same time, artificial turf blankets are not only non-slippery, dustproof, easy to clean, and look like real grass, green feeling, and now also as an ideal household items, loved by the average consumer, has a very broad market prospects.

  With the development of science and technology, artificial turf production technology has been continuously updated and improved. Nowadays, the sixth-generation artificial grass made from open-net monofilament filaments is closer to natural lawns for sports indexes such as shock absorption ratio, ball bouncing roll, steering value, etc., and even more superior in certain characteristics.

  In sports safety performance, a new generation of artificial grass fiber in the surface coating, polymer raw material improvements have been able to effectively reduce the skin scratch and foot contusion and other sports injuries. Artificial grass and natural grass have their own advantages are relatively prominent, shortcomings and shortcomings are also objective existence, the choice of use must be based on the actual situation to be considered.