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Are artificial lawns really not suitable for football?


  Football is the largest sport in the world. With the increasing demand for the field, the natural lawn is gradually replaced by artificial lawn because of the disadvantages of large investment, difficult maintenance and great influence of seasons.We all know that the top five football league venues use the natural lawn as the match lawn, not the artificial lawn, not just because of the difference in performance between the natural lawn and the artificial lawn.It is more because of the difference between the two on the soccer track friction.Today we have a detailed look at whether the friction of natural and artificial grass has an effect on the trajectory of the ball.

  Natural grass

  First of all, we will often come into contact with the football field for example, the football ground lawn is generally based on natural grass and artificial lawn laying, natural grass, we all know that after all is a plant.Is something we make lawns that are not figurative.The grass fiber of natural grass is softer, the friction to the ball is not big, the person that kick a ball should know, especially rainy day kick ball on the natural lawn, very easy to slide, ball rolling speed is also relatively fast.The trajectory of the ball will not be affected by friction, whereas the artificial lawn is just the opposite. The raw material of the artificial lawn is PE, a chemical fiber grass, the main advantage is that it is not affected by the climate.Not affected by the frequency of use, low cost of late maintenance, etc.It uses the chemical fiber grass, the grass silk softness is not as good as the natural grass, the friction is bigger, the ball rolling speed is also relatively slow.But because the artificial lawn friction is quite big, therefore can cause the athlete's scratch very easily.But it doesn't affect the trajectory of the ball.

  Artificial lawn

  There is also the problem of friction on the physical fitness of athletes, because the artificial lawn football field has a large friction, so it will force the athletes in the same time, the same intensity of exercise under the consumption of more energy.Premature fatigue has seriously affected the display of athletes' techniques and tactics.Although the natural grass friction is small, but the resistance is relatively small, not like artificial lawns to athletes too much physical consumption.According to this point to remind everyone, often in the artificial lawn football field training athletes as far as possible in the artificial turf on the football field, otherwise it will affect the play of football techniques and tactics.