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Antistatic performance Test of artificial Lawn


  Artificial grass silk used PP or PE material, grass silk need to pass through strict inspection institutions, lawn manufacturers need to have SGS secondary fire certification, toxic and harmful substances certification, anti-corrosion, wear proof, and so on;At the same time, the bottom of the lawn back glue also affects the quality of artificial lawn, back glue needs to have environmental protection, safety certification.

  The physical test standard of turf quality is the tensile degree of artificial grass silk, anti-aging detection, lawn color and other artificial lawn testing standards.The elongation at break of straw silk shall not be less than 15% in longitudinal and not less than 8% in transverse direction.The tear strength standard of artificial lawn is at least 30KN / m in longitudinal direction and not less than 25KN / m in transverse direction.The elongation and tear strength of artificial lawn were up to standard, and the quality of lawn was further strengthened.

  Lawn color detection standard, lawn color needs to be tested for sulfuric acid resistance.A suitable amount of artificial turf samples were selected and soaked in 80% sulfuric acid for 3 days. After three days, the lawn color was observed, if the lawn color did not change.The color of artificial lawn is in accordance with the quality standard of artificial lawn.