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Artificial turf core performance index test


  About the artificial turf core performance, as a senior lawn people, how much do you know about it?

  Pull back performance

  Imposing a certain amount of impact on the artificial turf field surface, the artificial turf by the impact, the deformation of the lawn that the lawn back to the performance of good performance back to the artificial turf, more suitable for running, sports, athletes more effectively prevent falls, closer Natural lawn.

  Wear resistance

  Through the Lisport test equipment, the nails roll back and forth on the artificial turf samples. When simulating the normal use, the athletes wear the spiked shoes on the lawn and after a certain period of time, test and evaluate the wear of the turf. Artificial turf with good abrasion resistance is more durable and has a longer service life.

  Anti-aging properties

  In the set temperature and humidity conditions, the use of Omega WOM simulated normal solar UV artificial grass, the artificial climate, to set the time to observe and test the artificial turf color and related physical properties change, called For artificial turf aging resistance test.

  Under normal climatic conditions, the anti-aging performance of artificial turf is not easy to fade, not easy to become brittle, anti-aging performance of artificial turf more durable color, more stable, rarely dropped grass, longer service life.

  Environmental performance

  According to the REACH standards of 168 highly concerned about the detection of toxic and hazardous chemicals, with the designated laboratory sportslabs FIFA issued according to DIN standards for heavy metal environmental performance test report.

  Artificial turf and the human body close contact with each day, good environmental performance of artificial turf in order to ensure maximum human health.