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Artificial turf roof insulation


  1. Stamped on the roof of a hollow layer, the height is generally above 750px, the air in this space can play some heat insulation.

  2. Set a 15 cm depth above the roof of the reservoir for water storage, in order to reduce the room temperature. However, this method has certain requirements on the roof load-bearing and waterproofing.

  3. Add a waterproof layer on the roof and fill the soil, planting flowers and vegetables, you can also use containers such as flower pots for planting. This method of insulation also needs to consider the roof load-bearing situation.

  4. In the roof installation of insulation panels, with its reflection of sunlight to reduce the heat savings sustained heating situation, in order to achieve the insulation effect. There are similar insulation film, insulation coatings.

  5. In the top of the room to install insulation ceiling, or add a layer of insulation panels on the wall, but this method will take up a certain amount of interior space.

  These roof insulation methods, or the need to move something about the roof, some basic engineering, or lack of appearance, or post-maintenance needs some effort, or on the roof of the building quality and Construction conditions have certain requirements. If the above problems will make you troubled, roof insulation, we recommend to use artificial turf to solve.

  Artificial grass and natural grass are very similar to the visual effects, used to beautify the green is very bright, leisure and sports feel good, flexible and wear-resistant, fire retardant, waterproof insulation, drainage speed, easy installation, almost no maintenance. Whether the rooftop is a platform for use or just for insulation, artificial turf can outperform performance. Can both heat insulation and decorative effects, but also very easy to maintain