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The basic conditions of Artificial turf quality assurance


  Artificial turf must be laid by a team of professionals who not only provide high-quality artificial turf, but also ensure good construction quality. In order to extend the life of artificial turf, as far as possible according to the site surface conditions, the selection of the correct sports shoes. Second, the artificial turf playground surface, should be strictly in accordance with the corresponding requirements for maintenance, and use the right way.

  Under normal circumstances, artificial turf should be installed below 1,500 meters above sea level or 5000 feet. In order to ensure the completion of the artificial turf, the surface can not be treated with mechanical equipment or chemicals; if the artificial turf is damaged due to overuse, then it should be a corresponding reduction in the frequency of use to improve artificial turf Durability.

  Normally, artificial turf field recommended daily use time within four hours, when the outdoor temperature is below -5 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃ climate is not recommended for artificial turf movement, the human body is also very unfavorable. At the same time, it is also necessary to minimize the curls of the artificial turf yarns. If the lawn yarns are over-mechanically roughed during laying, the quality of the artificial turf can not be fully guaranteed. In the premise of the use of filler material, the choice of materials is critical, must be less than 2% sulfur content of quality products; should also meet the requirements of the relevant standards.