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Reasons for the higher prices of artificial grass


  Artificial turf in other conditions are determined circumstances, the price is still high, then the MOQ is a very important factor.

  MOQ is a very important factor affecting the price increase, each factory has a certain minimum standard of production, there is no standard is often throwing inventory. General artificial turf plant MOQ 1000 square meters, the price is moderate. If the price is often too high square meters, production costs are relatively high, you can choose to have the stock of the manufacturers, the price more room for maneuver.

  Another point is about cutting, a lot of field maps have been done, the lawn is the need to plant cut directly to customers to install and use tailor cut tailoring manufacturers can no longer use, so cutting the lawn also need to charge a fee .

  Of course, many people calculate the price of artificial turf is not calculated according to the original price, but the overall calculation. These include shipping costs, glue, filling particles, packaging, and even some people take into account the installation costs, and finally apportioned to the artificial turf per square meter, resulting in high prices of artificial turf.