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Acceptance standard for artificial turf paving


  A lot of work will be done after the end of the work, some need to check after the completion of the next work or direct use, artificial turf after the need for acceptance.

  Just meet the relevant criteria.

  1. The foundation is usually cast-in-place with cement concrete or asphalt, which has a certain strength and stability.

  2. The asphalt surface should be free from oil pollution, crack and water accumulation.

  3. The foundation shall not be skinned or silted by cracks and freezing.

  4. The compactness of foundation is greater than 95, the compaction density of subgrade gradation sand layer is above 2.3 kg / cm ~ 2, the surface is flat, and there is no sand nest.

  5. The error of the foundation is less than 4 mm, with a certain slope, usually 3-5, in order to facilitate drainage in rainy days. 5. The flatness of the foundation is less than 4 mm and the error is less than 4 mm.

  6. In frozen area, artificial turf pavement should adopt antifreeze technology, generally add a layer of geotextile between asphalt layer and gravel layer to buffer, and special waterproof treatment should be made along the foundation of water trench.

  7. Concrete foundation should also have a maintenance period of about 30 days, large area use needs to consider reserved expansion joint, surface layer should be smooth and clean treatment.

  8. The surface of the base should be kept clean and dry, and the maintenance period of about 30 days should be guaranteed after the completion of the asphalt foundation, in order to volatilize the low boiling point of the asphalt surface and ensure that the base surface has sufficient bond strength.

  With these standards, we can be urged to do a better job of artificial turf paving, not only can improve our efficiency, but also for users, will have a better experience.