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How to prevent the filling particles of artificial turf from being washed away by Water


  When the artificial turf football field meets Rain Water, the rubber and other filling particles under the lawn will be washed away and lost by Rain Water. How can we prevent the filling particles of the artificial turf from being washed away by Rain Water?

  This is related to the technological characteristics of the artificial turf itself. The general artificial turf is woven in a straight line, and the softness and elasticity of the grass silk are poor, which makes the friction coefficient of the lawn increase.

  As a result, there will be scratches, sprain athletes and loss of rubber particles and other problems.

  The best way to prevent these problems is to choose an artificial turf that is specially designed for these problems in the production process.

  1. The general artificial turf needs to be filled with rubber particles so that the ball can bounce up to achieve the effect of playing a professional field and the new football field does not need to fill the particles can achieve kickball effect.

  2. The new style of football grass is made of four colors of straight silk and curly silk mixed with high quality straw silk and glass fiber underlining.

  Grass silk requires good flexibility and elasticity, the bottom lining is reinforced glass fiber material.

  The new process reduces the friction coefficient of the fiber and maintains excellent motion characteristics even in cold air conditions.

  Therefore, it is a safe fiber, when the athlete slips can effectively prevent skin scratches and foot sprains.

  3. The new artificial turf is green pu back gum more environmental protection; thickened pu back gum completely isolated grass roots and ground wear increase lawn elasticity.

  The curly silk is thicker, the whole is thicker, the springback is better, at the same time, the silk texture is rich, the visual effect is more beautiful.