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Several methods for identifying the quality of artificial turf


  When purchasing artificial turf, mostly through the appearance of the sample combined with the interpretation of the seller to judge the quality of the product, although not very accurate, but still can explain a certain problem.Here are some simple ways to identify lawn quality:

  Look at the grass silk color: good lawn color will be more comfortable, not eye-catching, and natural lawn feel closer; bad lawn color although sometimes very bright, but feel more false.If even the most basic simulation can not be achieved, the technical level is very poor, must be a small factory.

  Good lawn color sense is generally simple and generous, natural bright, the most common is monochrome grass and bicolor grass; bad lawn color is gray and complex, often known as trichromatic grass or four-color grass.The original plastic particles are white and transparent, and the recycled particles are generally miscellaneous color, this miscellaneous color can not produce color sense pure grass silk, need to use deep and complex design to cover up the mottled raw materials, and called it.Better simulation.

  Look at the grass silk shape: the good lawn grass silk shape is similar to the true grass leaf, the simulation is very good;The larger the width and thickness of the single root grass silk, the more the materials used and the better the relative quality.Grass silk inverted consistency, look more smooth, less chaos silk, indicating good elasticity of grass silk, grass silk straightness, more upright, indicating high strength of grass silk, good toughness.

  Bottom: if the back of the lawn is black and looks a bit like linoleum, it's the general butadiene backstick; if it's green, it looks like leather, it's the more upscale pu back glue.If the base cloth and back glue looks thicker and thicker, it generally shows that more materials are used, the quality is relatively good, looks thin, and the quality is relatively poor.If the back of the coating thin and even, the color is the same, indicating better quality; thin thickness uneven, there is color difference, indicating the quality is relatively poor.

  Touch the grass silk: the average person should look at the grass silk is not soft, feel comfortable, must never be soft and comfortable lawn is good.The opposite is true. Soft and comfortable lawns are the worst.Want to know, lawn daily use is with foot trample, rarely that skin is contacted directly, hard grass silk just just has strength, have greater resilience and toughness, won't step down on the ground, lie down for a long time to break.Grass silk to do soft very easy, to achieve straight high elastic is very difficult, the real need for high technology and high cost.

  Dragline: the ability to pull out grass is one of the most important technical indicators of the lawn, can be measured by the method of grass silk.With finger press a bunch of grass silk, pull out forcefully, can't pull out completely, it is the best generally, sporadic pull out, the quality also is OK;If the force is not large, can pull out more grass silk, the basic is certainly poor quality.Pu back glue from the adult force is not big, can pull out more grass silk, the basic is definitely poor quality.Pu back gum lawn adults with 80% of the force should be completely unpullable, butadiene generally can be more or less shed a bit, this is the two kinds of back gum most visible quality difference.Pressing grass silk: put the lawn on the table, press it down with the palm force, release the palm, if the grass silk can obviously rebound back to the original state, show that the grass silk elasticity and toughness are good, the more obvious quality is better;Press the lawn with heavy matter for a few days or longer, then air it in the sun for two days. Observe the strength of the lawn's ability to restore to its original state.

  Bottom tear back: two hands will lawn up, like tear paper force tear bottom back, absolutely can not tear, definitely the best, more difficult to tear, better, easy to tear, definitely not good.Generally pu back glue in adult 80% force, almost can not tear; butadiene back gum can more or less tear some, this is two kinds of back glue can see another kind of difference obviously.

  Blistering: because lawns are exposed to the sun and rain outside, we can simulate the test, soak the lawn in the water for a few days or longer, and then switch to the sun for a few days.Carefully observe the change of lawn, the smaller the change, the better the quality.