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Causes of affecting the quality of artificial turf Football Field


  Because the artificial turf base cloth of football field is placed at the bottom and directly contact with the foundation, and often in the environment of sun and rain, even soak in the water, so it must be breathable and waterproof, durable, anti-aging effect is good.If the lawn floor cloth is thin or the material quality of the bottom cloth is not good, there will be corruption and cracking, which will seriously affect the service life of artificial turf.

  Compared with the production procedure, the yield and weaving rate of monofilament and stem artificial turf were higher and faster.Because of the net structure, the production rate is low and the output value is low.Lawn production capacity also affects the sales volume of artificial turf, so whether it is turf production technology or lawn quality, the monofilament plus stem artificial turf price is higher than the net silk lawn price.

  In order to ensure the quality of PP cloth, non-woven fabric, mesh cloth has its own advantages and disadvantages, due to the durability of lawn and service life considerations.At present, it is rare to use single layer PP or non-woven cloth for artificial turf bottom cloth, most of them use compound bottom cloth to make it cooperate with each other to achieve the best use effect.But at the same time, costs will naturally increase.

  The quality of artificial turf is mainly affected by grass silk and back gum.Although the artificial turf back glue part is suppressed in the bottom, but because the lawn area is big, the use time is long, the frequency is high, the service life is long, may say is the place which the user places in for a long time.If the use of unqualified or even inferior back glue, in the long run, will inevitably be adversely affected.