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Six steps of artificial Lawn Construction process


  The construction process of artificial turf is summarized as six steps.

  The construction process is as follows: the bottom line is measured and the curl is expanded, the edges are trimmed, the green grass joints are bonded, the white line position is determined and the white line is bonded to the white line, the quartz sand is injected into the sand and the rubber particles are injected into the finished acceptance.

  The following detailed description of artificial turf construction process and artificial turf construction matters needing attention.


  1. First, engineering survey and lofting.

  When the turf is not transported into the field when the artificial turf is paved, the basic works are checked and accepted first to ensure the cleanliness of the base site;If there are sundries in the foundation site, then clear the foundation site to ensure the cleanliness and construction quality of the construction site.

  2. Second, use measuring tools (such as steel gauges) to accurately measure the size of the site and keep the error within the allowable range; if the size is not correct, modify it.After the site measurement precision or drawing style perfect after the original roll of the artificial turf laid neatly, can not maintain the original package form, must be tiled.

  3. Construction process of artificial turf bonding process.Artificial turf adhesive before the need to cut, the lawn on both sides of the correction clean, not rough surface, to ensure smooth;Then use the glue brush in the bottom of the lawn glue, need to control the thickness of glue, when the coating should be uniform, not repeated painting, so as to avoid the phenomenon of shedding;The bonding should be carried out when the temperature and humidity reach the standard, and the adhesive should be aligned, so that there can be no dislocation.

  4. In addition, when the artificial turf is laid, the perpendicular angle between the arrangement direction and the artificial turf laying direction must be 90 ℃;The gap between non-woven fabric and non-woven fabric should be small, as close as possible.

  5. There is pressure and curing, the use of a special rubber hammer to the bond hammering, so that it is firm, curing time is generally 3 days.The temperature of artificial turf construction environment should be controlled at 0-40 ℃, and it is forbidden to do so in rain and snow weather.The adhesive drying time should be controlled in 10-15 minutes.Turf should be maintained during curing to avoid exposure, water immersion and movement, to ensure the optimal condition of turf adhesion.

  6. Process flow of quartz sand paving: sand filling height of quartz sand is less than 10 tons of remaining height of lawn, spreading speed should be uniform, and quartz sand laying is paved with integral method.When laying, it is necessary to ensure smoothness and control the amount of quartz sand filling;Rubber particle injection with quartz sand injection operation.